Tiphani Montgomery and Beyoncé drama

Nearly one year after I shared my testimony about how I stopped supporting Beyoncé’, Tiphani Montgomery went viral for a sermon where she rebuked Christians who still attend Beyoncé’s’ concerts.

Montgomery’s sermon titled “Altered at the Alter,” happened Feb. 9. and in a two-minute segment she asked Christians how they can still call themselves a Christian while still supporting a witch, Beyoncé’. She called out Jay-Z’s blasphemy against Jesus and broke down the reason why Beyoncé’ calls her fans her hive. Montgomery revealed that hives are extremely large witch covens and that Beyoncé’s concerts are rituals. I never heard of such a thing about hives so I decided to fact-check Montgomery and long behold a quick google search verified it. I typed in “what is a large witch coven?” and the answer was a “hive.” It made me a little sick to my stomach because throughout the many years when I supported Beyoncé’ I called myself the leader of the Bey Hive. At the the time I thought the reference to a hive was made through her being a bee, Queen Bey (bee) at that, but nothing demonic. I was shooketh to learn that information.

Montgomery’s sermon was reported on by the New York Post, Fox Soul, The Shaderoom, The Neighborhood Talk, Hollywood Unlocked, and so many other urban and main stream media outlets. Montgomery was dragged through the mud by most of the media. They attacked her character and called her judgmental, a false prophet, hypocrite and more. Even people who call themselves Christians turned around and rebuked Montgomery for rebuking their attendance at Beyoncé’s concerts. People like Michelle Williams, who is a former Destiny’s Child member, self-proclaimed Christian, gospel singer and friend of Beyoncé’, spoke out about how we shouldn’t condemn people. Other Christian social media users voiced that they saw absolutely nothing wrong with listening to Beyoncé or attending a show.

What are my thoughts? To start, I feel for the Christians who were upset when they heard Montgomery’s message. I remember what it was like to be a part of the ‘hive.’ It was like being under a strong spell. In my eyes Beyoncé could do no wrong. All negative talk of her would go in one ear and out the other. I remember the time (which was only a year ago) where I would stick up for Beyoncé’ regardless. I was going to stream her music and be the first in line at her shows no matter what anyone said. If I would have heard Montgomery’s message two years ago I’m sure I would have rejected it. The delusion was real, but there comes a time where you can no longer ignore what God is trying to reveal. I’ve been following Montgomery’s ministry (Covered By God) for about a year now and I admire her boldness for Christ. I think the “Christians” coming against her now are in error.

It’s a hard pill to swallow but not one time did I hear any lies in Montgomery’s Feb. 9 message. She didn’t condemn Beyoncé'(as Michelle Williams insinuated). She didn’t say anyone was going to hell and she didn’t even address Beyoncé’ per se. Montgomery addressed Christians because so many of us are still being fooled into thinking that Beyoncé’ serves the same God we serve. We think it’s okay to dine at both tables. We still listen to her music and attend her shows not knowing that spells are being cast in the spiritual realm and energy is being transferred. Many so-called Christians are under demonic oppression and don’t even realize that it could be from what they’re watching, listening to, and coming into agreement with. There’s a reason why the bible says people perish from lack of knowledge. The spiritual world is real, but if your source of power isn’t from God above, it’s from the devil below. No exceptions.

We’re living in a time where everything that was hidden and done in the dark is coming to light. Everyone will be held accountable and no one will be able to claim ignorance because everything we needed to know is being laid out day by day before our very eyes. We can either ignore it or do something meaningful with it. Montgomery’s message may have came with a lot of backlash, but going viral was a blessing. Whether the reporting on her message was positive or negative, the masses got to hear the truth. God used her platform to help warn so many people who may have never known. It got people talking and researching. I heard some really good discussions from Jackie Hill Perry (Beyoncé and the necessity of Wisdom: https://youtu.be/xuXMeFvg8tI), and Naja Alston/The Cloud and The Fire Ministry (REAL Spiritual Reason You Shouldn’t go to Beyoncé’s Concert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmOVDOvfcbg&t=1364s). I couldn’t have broken down the topic any better so I would recommend watching their takes.

I also recently listened to a really good testimony from someone who decided to stop supporting Beyoncé.’ Her and I have very similar stories and when I watched it I was just like “wow, God is really waking people up.” Her name is LaLa Jenkins and her testimony (A Prophetic Word|Christians that listen to Beyonce|Why I stopped listening to Beyoncé) can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngyv1sRVpzQ&t=994s.

For me, all of this was confirmation that I heard God right last year when I made the choice to stop supporting Beyonce‘. Those who didn’t like Montgomery’s message are either blinded, willingly turning a blind eye, or are okay with being in agreement with dark forces. Either way, the seed has been planted.

To hear Montgomery’s full message visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_oLX___tU0&t=8218s.

Side Note:

All last year Montgomery prophesied that 2022 was the year of the bride. I witnessed her online staying faithful, leading prayer/fasting, and CONSTANTLY congratulating others on their marriage engagements. Well Montgomery recently revealed that she is newly engaged to be married and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shed a few tears. Her faithfulness to God has been rewarded! I love this for her and just in case she ever comes across this story/video I want to say CONGRATULATIONS!

Thanks for reading!

With love,




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