NEW Beyoncé series exposes the hive | Swarm

I just about fell out when Prime Video dropped a trailer Feb. 24 for Swarm, a series about a young woman whose obsession with a pop star takes a dark turn. The series features Beyoncé’s protégé, Chloe Bailey, and has several references to Beyoncé’s fanbase, the “bey hive.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Swarm is inspired by Beyoncé and her legions of followers — but it shows a much darker side of the fandom. It’s rumored that the film was originally going to be called Hive but they went with Swarm instead.  

The Swarm trailer introduces us to Dre (Dominique Fishback), a woman who’s obsessed with the world’s biggest pop star, Ni’Jah. Bailey plays Dre’s sister.

“She is not like everybody else. She knows what we’re thinking and gives it a name. She’s a goddess,” Dre says in the trailer while religiously operating the @nijahive fan account on Twitter.

In Swarm, the singer Ni’Jah gives off major Beyoncé’ vibes. Ni’Jah rides around in sparkly crystal attire on a black horse similar to the way Beyoncé posed on a horse for her Renaissance album. Not only are her fans called the swarm, but bees are also mentioned many times. Beyoncé and Ni’Jah’s aesthetics are the same and there’s even a reference to Solange, Beyoncé’s sister, at the end of the trailer.

A woman said to Dre, “I don’t know, I kinda like her sister better. She seems more like, you know, spiritual.”

In the film Ni’Jah has “The Running Scared II Tour” with ticket prices listed as high as $1,800. Beyoncé’ once did the “On the Run II” tour and charged just as much for tickets.

There’s also a scene where Dre is shown losing her mind while wearing a sweater with “H-Town” written on it. “H-Town” is a phrase often used by Beyoncé’ to pay homage to her hometown of Houston, Texas.

Based on the footage, Dre goes through something tragic. She then embarks on a road trip during which she kills some people for seemingly defaming her favorite artist. 

“You’re a killer bee, part of the swarm,” a woman said to Dre in one scene. “Talk about Ni’Jah get stung!”

The reason I nearly fell out when I saw this trailer is because of the timing. Not even a week ago I received a revelation about how large witch covens are commonly known as hives.We discussed in my last blog/YouTube video how there’s a much deeper meaning to being a part of Beyoncé’s hive than what meets the eye. If you haven’t already, check it out. We talked about how Beyoncé’ practices magic and how when you listen to her music (and most other celebrities) you come into agreement with whatever spells she’s casting or whatever demon she is conjuring. I also mentioned when I used to refer to myself as a part of the bey hive, it was like being under a spell.

So when I saw this trailer dropped I knew it was confirmation. Much of what we discussed about Beyoncé’s hive is being depicted in Swarm. To some, this may be just a series, but I believe this is a first hand look into what’s really happening what these celebrities and their fanbases. The “elite” are using their fans as vices for their demonic practices, while you, the unknowing participant, becomes oppressed. None of this is coincidental.

What worries me about this series are the crazed fans who might be inspired by the level of obsession depicted in the film. Anyone who knows anything about the bey hive knows there’s a certain need to prove that you are more loyal to her than anyone else. Everyone wanted to be a leader of the hive and if you don’t have God there’s no telling how far you will go for an idol. A few years ago there was even a report of a girl who took her own life as a sacrifice to Beyoncé’. I have God, but there was still a time I got into it with a stranger for saying that Beyoncé’ isn’t all that. The strongholds are real.

The spiritual world is real. Spiritual power is real and you can get it from two sources, Jesus or the devil. The devil comes as an angel of light to make you think that all of these ancient and new-age practices are good, but if you keep digging you’ll see that it’s deception and a one-way ticket to eternal damnation. Jesus is the only way.

Stop supporting these celebrities and their demonic agendas. I don’t know how much more confirmation you need that the entertainment industry is a dark place and that for Christians, it’s time to make a choice.

With love,



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