Welcome to Virtuous By Veronica!

My name is Veronica and I’m a journalist & faith blogger.

VBV (Blog & Boutique) is inspired by Proverbs 31 and all things virtuous. I talk about dating, relationships, God, faith, and different struggles that me and many other young women may deal with on a day to day basis. VBV is designed to inspire us all to be the best versions of ourselves.
And the boutique? Virtuous by Veronica’s online boutique sales clothing and accessories designed for a virtuous lifestyle. Shop there by visiting the “Boutique” tab under the menu!
I’m not a preacher. And I’m far from perfect. But I’m excited about bringing the vision that God gave me in 2016 to life. I’ve learned that God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called. I love God and I pray the journey I’m on will be used to help uplift other women while bringing us closer to God and becoming the Virtuous women we were created to be.

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