Should Christians care about the satanic Grammys?

Ever since the 2023 Grammy’s aired Feb. 5, the Christian community has been in uproar about mainly two performances by artists Sam Smith and Jay-Z that blatantly disrespected Jesus Christ.

I can’t say that I was at all surprised to see the Grammy’s make a mockery of biblical truths, yet again. The world is going to be the world. Those who operate in darkness will radiate darkness. Unfortunately, the demonic displays that paraded down the Grammy stage this year weren’t anything new. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane.

At the 2009 Grammy awards Lady Gaga sang the lyrics “I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me,” while presumed faked blood poured down her body and spread throughout the stage floor during her disturbing performance. This violent imagery was reported by main stream media outlets as “masterpiece,” “best performance ever,” and “historic.”

During the 2012 Grammy Award show Nicki Minaj acted out an exorcism live on stage as she claimed to be possessed by what she calls her “alter-ego,” Roman. Minaj said in an interview that year with MTV that Roman levitated even after having “holy water” thrown on “them” by a priest because he “does not need to change just because he is not considered normal.

An interesting fact about that night is that it was the same night the death of Whitney Houston was announced. According to Fox News, three hours after Houston was found dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, an annual pre-Grammy party was hosted at the same hotel. The party was hosted by Clive Davis, the music producer who is accredited to discovering Houston deceased. While detectives investigated Houston’s cause of death, celebrities reportedly partied three floors below Houston’s room where her body still lay.

Every year, mysteriously, someone well-known dies when the Grammy’s are approaching. A popular belief is that blood sacrifices are required by celebrities during this time to pledge allegiance to the demonic entities they serve to help them attain worldly success (do your research, you’ll be surprised). That year, many believe the sacrifice was Houston.

In 2014, Katy Perry along with a dark devil-figure who accompanied her, portrayed tons of witchcraft and satanic symbolism. It’s been reported that the meaning of the song she performed is about a witch warning someone not to fall in love with her. At the end of Perry’s performance she acted out being burned at the stake. Evil much?

That same year (2014) the group “Black Sabbath” won a Grammy for the song “God is Dead.” The song was reportedly inspired by a German philosopher who is famous for saying that “God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him.”

During the 2015 Grammy award show Madonna did a ritualist-style dance while surrounded by masked men wearing devil horns that are commonly associated with Satan and the Baphomet. Madonna has a reputation for mocking Christianity and hating Jesus Christ.

So, 2023 was no different. I didn’t watch the show, however, I saw clips highlighted throughout the news and social media. Sam Smith started the show wearing Hollywood’s beloved devil-horns then tossed them into the crowd. Smith then proceeded to dance with an entourage of gender-confused counterparts and chanted his new song “Unholy.”

Before the show, Sam tweeted that his performance would be special and main stream news media outlet CBS responded to him saying that they were ‘ready to worship’. Worship who?

Last but not least there was Jay-Z who got on stage and mocked “the last supper” mentioned in the Christian bible. During his performance Jay-z pretended to be a rapping-Jesus while making blasphemous statements as his homies played the disciples. Together they made a joke of the last hours before Christ’s death. As disrespectful as it is, Jay-z already told us how he felt about God in 2009 when he rapped the lyrics “Jesus can’t save you, life begins when the church ends.”

So should Christian’s care about the satanic Grammy’s? Yes and no.

I don’t think Christian’s should care to watch or attend the show. The Grammy institution does not respect or have a place for true Christians. They pretend they do by throwing in a Gospel music category, but Hollywood has proven time and time again that they have no love for Jesus. I had mixed emotions when I saw popular gospel artists like Kirk Franklin and Maverick City in attendance. I grew up on Kirk Franklin and I would consider Maverick City my favorite gospel group but wrong is wrong. Both accepted multiple awards but at what cost? They sat through demonic performances, one after another, and didn’t speak out against it all. The Grammy stage was the perfect platform for them to use to minister to the lost souls of Hollywood all at once and call for repentance –but they said nothing.

There was also a lot of controversy about the attire worn by Chandler Moore’s and Kirk Franklin’s wife which contained a lot of cleavage and see-through materials. All I’m saying is that if I wouldn’t have already known who they were, I would have had no idea that they were Christian because they blended in so well with all of the darkness that happened that night.

As far as caring about what happens at a secular award show; I think when the disrespect of our lord and savior is publicized the way it was at the Grammy’s this year, the body should speak out. It should be known that we are not okay with it. It should be known that the evil entertainment industry can’t just mock God and get away with it. You don’t see Hollywood mocking the Muslims or the Buddhist. So why do they do it to the Christians?

Over the years Christians have gotten too soft and have allowed a mob-ruled society to silence them when it comes to matters of our father. Enough is enough. Expose evil. Stand up for God. Stand up for what’s right. Warn the lost that time is running out. It’s not just a show. It’s not just a performance. It’s not art.

Ephesians 6:12‭-‬13 tells us that we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against EVIL SPIRITS and authorities of the UNSEEN world.

What those celebrities do on stage DOES mean something. Our eyes and ears are portals to our mind and soul. When celebrities perform their rituals in front millions of viewers there are dark things happening in the spiritual realm that negatively influence society and younger generations. It’s all in the subconscious. That’s why it is important to be careful of what you watch, hear, and listen too, and help others do the same.

With love,



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