Anticipating the Breakthrough

Life can be hard- but don’t give up!

It’s a process. A journey. The path laid out is straight. But the road to get there is bumpy; Things aren’t always going to go smoothly at your job. Your relationships won’t always work out. You’ll “fall off” from people who meant the world to you. Your finances won’t always be in top shape. Sometimes you’ll do things that you later wish you hadn’t- but it’s important that you never let yourself stay in a place of being discouraged. THAT’S how the enemy attacks you. He aims to take away all of your hope. He gets pleasure in us believing that we’re alone in this world. He wants us to think that no one cares about us and that our situations are permanent when in reality, our break-through is right around the corner. What-ever you do, don’t let yourself fold.

Life is about learning. It’s about healing. Life is about growing, forgiving yourself, and also forgiving the people around you. It’s about overcoming the pain so that you can fully carry out the plan that God has for you.

For me, it’s seems every aspect of my life has been shaken up within the last few months. No matter how many obstacles I hurdled over, the devil had another weapon ready to launch at me. It’s been a serious struggle, but no matter how hard it is to believe sometimes, no weapon formed against me will prosper. The last six months have been such a challenge. I’ve had more bills than money. Friendships fell apart. People who I thought would never turn on me, did. I lost all motivation. I got tired of losing people. Tired of constantly fighting to stay a float. Tired of getting my feelings hurt, and heart broken. Tired of mourning all of my “L’s” and feeling as if I can’t catch a break. I’ve felt alone and depressed- but in the same breath, empowered. All of my situations have brought me closer to God. I’m reminded that he is my go-to. Not my friends. Not a boyfriend. God is the source. He has the answer to all of my problems. He’s the one who will happily fight all of my battles. By resting in him, I am powerful beyond measure. People will fail you. I will fail you. But God never will.

And for those who think they’ve messed up too bad for God to be there for them- you’re wrong. Don’t shame yourself. I’m so guilty of this. I always feel like God’s going to be like “You knew better,” and turn his back, but deep down I know he won’t. That’s another lie from the enemy. God is so different than people. He wants to forgive you. He’s not holding a grudge against me, or you. Ever. So don’t be afraid to turn to him. He’s waiting for you, always.

So many times within the last few months I’ve asked myself is life even worth living. And the answer I always get is “yes”. We’re all here on earth for a reason. We all have a different struggle, but nonetheless, we all struggle. The devil was lying to me so much; Telling me that perusing my dreams was pointless. Reminding me of how I’m 30 years old and not exactly where I want to be in life- no six-figure career, no masters degree, no house, no husband, etc. But the truth is- none of us have it all together, no matter what it looks like on the outside. Life will get hard- Christian or not. So endure. Someone needs you. Someone is counting on you. No one else can do what GOD called and created YOU to do, but you. Life can be hard, but God will give you perfect peace if you let him.

So keep working hard. Keep setting goals and working to achieve them. For as long as you’re still breathing there’s still time to grow and bring your dreams to fruition. Keep trusting God. Keep striving to get closer to him no matter what. He will connect you with the right people. He will get you to where you NEED TO BE if you keep him first.

With all of that said I ask that everyone reading this will keep me in your prayers while I dig deeper into God’s plan over my life. The devil wouldn’t be attacking me so much if there wasn’t a multitude of blessings in store waiting for me to unlock them. I don’t want to miss out on my blessings by being rebellious or letting my circumstances consume me. My breakthrough has been a long time coming and with everything I have gone through in life, I am beyond excited about the sunlight God is getting ready to shine after the rain. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for reading.

With Love,



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  1. Amen! Keep the vision & dream, no matter what your experience has been in the pass, your break through is on the way. Your blessing on the way, you will make it to your journey.


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