My First Public appearance courtesy of EmpowerHer CA

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I recently had my first public appearance for “Virtuous by Veronica” at the EmpowerHer CA expo in Elk Grove, California, and it was such an amazing experience! It was a women’s empowerment event focused on uniting women in business and bringing awareness to the endeavors they are pursuing. Amazing things happen when we support each other.  There were everything from hair stylists, to singers, dancers, makeup artists, reporters, motivational speakers, travel agents and more. This event was for anyone of all ages who wanted to show support for us ladies.

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I was there as a vendor promoting “Virtuous by Veronica” & VBV merchandise. I knew going in that this expo was not particularly a religious event, however, women in business from all different backgrounds were invited & encouraged to come out. There’s beauty in unity & the best way to reach a soul is to display love & kindness regardless of different individual beliefs. As a woman of faith I think it’s important that we don’t always “preach to the choir”, but that we get out there & spread the news of God’s love in areas where some may not know. I noticed at this expo that there were so many people who had never heard of the virtuous woman before so it was an honor to be able to bring awareness to the type of woman God designed for us to be. And it was appreciated. I was overwhelmed with the amount of support received from all of the women at this expo and I can’t wait for the next one. Ladies were purchasing “virtuous” tees and I got a bunch of new subscribers! All credit to God. What a blessing it was.


New subscribers!

I’m not going to say that I wasn’t a little nervous before attending because I was. In the beginning. It was my first public appearance and I didn’t know how people would receive it. When it came down to it though, God gave me this vision and whether or not people support or think I’m qualified enough to carry it out, I’m going to continue doing what he told me to do. My faith has been greater than my fears and for that reason I know God will continually bless me.


To those I met personally at EmpowerHer Ca, thank you so much for subscribing and taking interest in VBV! I look forward to connecting with you again in the near future!

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Founder of FEMWINISM & I, Tia Ferrera

I’d also like to thank Robin Craft, who put together this amazing event. You are appreciated.

Founder of EmpowerHer Ca, Robin Craft, & I.

And lastly, I’d like to thank my closest friends Nikkii, Celeste, & Nai who helped me prepare for this event, and were right there showing their support all throughout the expo. Good friends are hard to find so thank you. I love you guys.


Until next time, stay blessed!

With love,



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Thank you for your support! ❤



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