Episode 2: Fall Inventory Unboxing! (Building A Brand/Entrepreneur Series)

Thank you to everyone who tuned in last week to the premier of my brand new entrepreneur series, Building A Brand, on YouTube! Episode two is out now!

This week I will do a full unboxing of what I have so far from a bomb collection I plan to release this fall! I can’t express enough how excited and thankful I am to God that everything is starting to come together. Everyday ‘Virtuous by Veronica’ is looking more and more like the vision God gave me.

Please check out the video linked above and let me know in the comments what you think so far of the new collection!

With Love,



1 Comment

  1. You are a beautiful inspiration. I wonder to God where have you been my whole my life lol. I would love to connect with you and Share many ideas. I have a idea 💡. Please make sure you email me


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