Kanye Turned Christian?

So Kanye is a Christian now. So he says. He recently proclaimed his new found faith to the world and even dropped a new album last week called “Jesus is King”. In a recent interview on BigBoyTV Kanye said he no longer serves his ego but now serves Jesus Christ. He even compared his new gospel album to his previous albums saying that it’d be like buying an iphone 4 when the iphone 11 is available and that he won’t be performing old songs anymore. The new Kanye has sparked quite the controversy. Some say he’s brainwashed. Others say he’s not really a believer. My thoughts? I stand with Kanye.

What I’m about to say next is mainly geared towards spiritual people doubting his walk with God. Now before the opposition starts- I want to ask you this; Do you really believe that God is almighty? I’m assuming you answered yes. If that’s the case, why don’t you believe that he has the power to save Kanye?  Yes, having discernment is important during these times, but so is not shutting people out who are genuinely searching for God. We need those doors to be open for them the same way they were open for many of us when we were trying to find our way home.

I hear a lot of spiritual people preaching to be careful when it comes to Kanye. They preach about how the last days will fill up with deceivers and false prophets, which is true, but they’re forgetting the part where it says that God’s spirit will also pour unto his sons and daughters in the last days. If you haven’t already, watch the video embedded in this post. Kanye sounds like a man who has had an encounter with God and is on a mission to change his life. That’s why I welcome Kanye with open his arms and will continually pray for him because the enemy is not happy with this move.

For the record, I never thought Kanye West was crazy when everyone else did. Even when he was going on rants at concerts and declaring his support for Donald Trump, I didn’t think he was off his rocker. I saw him as an intelligent man who was often misunderstood. I felt that if people really stopped and listened to what he was saying they would find there was truth to his antics.

When I first heard a few years back that he was being put into an institution, I didn’t think it was because he was a threat to himself or society. My initial thought was to pray for him because it sounded like he was waking up. He was bold enough to go against the grain and say something–but in a world where people in high places want us to be sheep—going against the grain can be dangerous. Especially coming from where he’s coming from. In the past, Kanye straight up denounced Jesus and said he sold his soul to the devil. He was so far gone. I didn’t think I’d see the day where Kanye would be doing interviews telling people that Jesus has won the victory and he’s done doing the devil’s work. It’s unreal. It’s a BOLD move!

And I don’t think he’s doing this for financial gain or to be popular again. Christianity IS NOT the popular opinion. I mean think about it. Believers don’t have a voice anymore. The more “progressive” the world gets, the more God is dismissed. More and more believers are silenced because if you don’t go along with main stream agendas you are labeled with titles like “anti-woman” or accused of having a phobia when that’s not the truth. But Kanye doesn’t care. He’s taking all of the smoke and it’s commendable. He is using his huge platform to declare Jesus Christ as savior regardless of who does or doesn’t agree with him. How can a christian be mad at that?

One thing that really stuck out to me is when Kanye spoke on BigBoyTV about how lonely being delivered can be. He talked about how Christians don’t believe him and the rest of the world “cancelled” him so it’s just been him and God. I felt that. When I first launched Virtuous By Veronica I felt as if the church was doubting me. Rather than being grateful that I’ve decided to use my talents to further build God’s Kingdom they convinced themselves that I’m not qualified to do something for God. Church folks who I thought would back me up and provide council or words of encouragement didn’t. And I was ok with that. I had to be if I was going to be obedient to what God was telling me to do. Most of my support has come from people who are just now building  a walk with God and I think it’s beautiful. I think it’s God’s way of letting me know that my calling is to be the “gateway drug” to God. And from the looks of it, so is Kanye’s.

Kanye’s name is known worldwide. Although support for him has dwindled he still has a massive platform. Someone using a platform of such size to declare Jesus as king when the rest of the industry declares Satanism? THAT is what we need in this war between good and evil. Kanye is re-opening the doors for Christians to take back their voice and live in our truth just as freely as everyone else.  Even those who hate Kanye will probably listen to this album and the spirit of God is powerful so who knows how many lives will be changed by listening to Jesus is King. Some of my favorite tracks are “Selah” and “Follow God.” I’m so happy he did this.

To other believers who condemn Kanye’s efforts. I would encourage them to really examine your objections. And think about the message he’s sending. That’s the most important part. I understand that he has the ability to both lead and deceive but as of yet I have absolutely no objections to anything he has said after declaring Jesus as his savior.

And think about this; Kanye is married to one of the most popular women in the world. What if his faith in Jesus rubs off on her? What if Kim Kardashian decided to give her life to God and encouraged the rest of the world to do the same? WE NEED strong voices in the community fighting to give God the power back over the world. We need restoration. I’m really rooting and praying for Kanye and his family.

Do I think Kanye will be an angel from here on out? Absolutely not. Now that he’s declared Christianity, his road is going to be tougher. He will be tempted more than ever and he will be put under a microscope. The first time he messes up people will use that as an opportunity to say he was never a changed man. It’s easy to throw stones at someone who lives in a glass house. Well what if your house was made of glass too?

This post wasn’t to prove that Kanye is a Christian. This post was to remind everyone that it’s ok if you don’t understand Kanye’s calling.  God didn’t give you the vision so of course it might be far fetched to you. But please be careful when you start condemning those who are being obedient to what God told him to do. The bible says we will know them by their fruits and so far I’ve seen nothing but good fruit has been coming from Kanye’s new found faith. And until I see something different I stand with Kanye and his bold efforts to build God’s Kingdom.

Lets keep our brother in our prayers.




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