5 Ways We Block Our Own Blessings

When life isn’t going the way we expect it to it’s easy to sit back and blame others for our set-backs. Sometimes it’s even easier to blame God because he has all of the power and we feel like he should use it at the drop of a dime when we ask him to. Everyone is to blame for our lack of blessings, but us.

That’s a dangerous mindset to have and within the last few years I’ve learned that we really need to start taking ownership of the role we play in our lack of prosperity. There are things that many of us do regularly that hold us back from receiving everything God has in store for us, and some of you may not even realize it.


If you’ve been stuck in the same position and wonder what could be holding you back- here are five ways you could be blocking your own blessings.


1. Being unforgiving: Some of us need to learn how to forgive. It’s human nature to make mistakes. Some of us have done things we don’t speak of but no matter how bad we’ve messed up, God forgives us. And doesn’t hold it against us. That’s love.

Now think about a time where someone wronged you. Think back to a situation where someone stabbed you in the back. Or stole from you. Or lied to you. Did you forgive them? Or do you still wish bad on them to this day? What if God forgave us in the same manner that we forgave our brothers and sisters? What if he made us jump through hoops to get his forgiveness or what if he decided not to forgive us at all?

Sometimes the reason we’re not being blessed is because we’re operating on a day-to-day basis with hate and un-forgiveness in our heart. I used to be the Queen of holding grudges. Once you crossed me, that was it. But the longer I live the more I understand just how imperfect all of us are.

The same way God offers us grace, we need to offer it to our brothers and sisters. Stop being petty and vengeful. Pray for your enemies and love those who have wronged you. I know, I know. It sounds absurd, but watch how far God elevates you when you begin to operate from a place of peace and understanding. Your blessings can’t reach their full potential if you’re claiming to love God yet you hate his children.

2. Comparing yourself to others: The worst thing you can do is compare your blessings to someone else’s.

What people don’t realize is when good things are happening to everyone around you, you’re in perfect alignment for good things to happen to you too. But the minute you let negative feelings consume you–as soon as you give yourself room to ask ‘why them and not me?’– That’s the minute you block your blessings.

You’re single but everyone around you is in a happy relationship or married. You’re struggling financially but all of your friends are going shopping every weekend. Your co-workers are being promoted but you’ve been in the same position month after month. You’re on social media watching people vacation in other countries yet you’ve never even left the state. Be happy! Rejoice! If God can do it for them he can do it for you too. Maybe the only reason why God isn’t blessing you is because he sees your bitterness when he blesses someone else.

3. Not spending time with God- Most of us want full time blessings from a part time relationship with God. We expect to hear from God, but we never even open our mouths to speak to him. We always have an excuse for why we can’t pray, read the bible or even go to church once a week to fellowship with his people. Out of the 168 hours in a week we can’t give God 30 minutes. We’ll drag our feet into a job we don’t want to be at 40+ hours a week, but we won’t keep in touch with the entity who has the power to put us in the situation of our dreams. When it comes time to catch up with God, all of a sudden we’re too busy with work or our extracurricular activities. You don’t think God notices that? How would you like it if your kids never talked to you but demanded all of your blessings? Sure you might get a little something from time to time but you’ll never get everything your creator has in store for you if you refuse to MAKE time for him.

4. Surrounding yourself with toxic people- Your blessings are at a great risk if you’re not surrounded by the right people. Toxic people will drain your positive energy, have you acting out of character, stress you out, put you in bad mental spaces, contribute to your loss of focus, and worse.  I recently did a post called “10 signs your friendship is toxic” . Although the post was geared towards friendships, it was applicable to other types of relationships. I definitely recommend reading/watching what I had to say about toxic people who may be in your life. They are BLESSING BLOCKERS. After you’re done evaluating yourself and the ways you might be blocking your own blessings, start taking a look at the people around you who may be blocking them too.

5. Having no faith- The biggest reason you’re probably not being blessed the way you want to be is because you don’t truly believe that God will elevate your situation. I recently saw a video by Steve Harvey that resonated deep with me. He used the analogy that God will always  deliver our blessings to “Faith Street.” We’ve got to be on that street to receive our blessing, but a lot of the time we’re too busy hanging out on “Doubt Drive.” So we miss the delivery.  You’re not supposed to leave “Faith Street” because if you do your “package” will be returned back to the sender, and before you know it there’s a whole warehouse full of  returned blessings because you weren’t where you were supposed to be on “Faith Street.”

That’s deep! We have not because we ask not and we don’t believe that our creator will come through for us. For those who are parents, wouldn’t you do anything in your to give your child everything they need and want? Then why do we doubt that our heavenly father would do the same for us when he has all of the power to? Believe it. Start thanking him for everything you’ve prayed for. This is something new I’ve been doing faithfully for the last month or so. Every morning when I get up- before I check my phone or do anything else I thank God for everything I have and have prayed for. I’ll go into details on this in a future post, but in the meantime remember that it’s important to show gratitude and have faith in God and his ability to give you whatever you asked for.

Believe that it’s yours. Live like it’s yours. Receive it– or someone else will.

I hope this helps! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! #stopblockingyourblessings #beblessed.

With love,






  1. You got so much knowledge and wisdom in you ,I read everything and so impress we need to appreciate what we have and thank God everyday just waking up is a blessing thank you Niece for those incurring works, God bless you and I love ❤️ you dearly


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