Journey to Virtuous

When we think of the virtuous woman, we often think about the perfect woman. The woman who has made no mistakes and has her life completely together. We think of the sought after woman of the bible who is praised all throughout Proverbs: 31. “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.”

But what about her journey to get there? And the battles she goes through to stay in a place of virtue? Especially in today’s society; Where unmarried sex is glorified, and fashion’s new motto could potentially be “the less clothes the better.” In a world where the main stream proposes that our bodies really aren’t temples, and that we should see casual sex as liberation rather than a bold divider between us and our earthly and heavenly inheritance–how does a woman achieve a title of virtuous? Sometimes the journey holds just as much significance as the accomplishment.

My mission for the Virtuous by Veronica brand is to provide motivation for woman to overcome all of the temptations to conform to the ways of this new world. From our lifestyles to what we wear. We can live out our dreams and look good doing it. All that while still living in God’s divine will over our lives. Although the now minority, the virtuous woman is still a light of this world, and through community, we can inspire each other to get and stay in a place a virtue.

Written by Veronica A. Catlin, Editor in Chief


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